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Ab Workouts At Home For Women

Ab Workouts At Home For Women - Get A Tight Tummy Quick!

Ab Workouts At Home For Women

Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to go to the gym for even an hour a day. We all have busy lives, many of us have jobs that require 40 hours a week and family's that deserve much of our time. These things can make it just that much harder to find even a small amount of time to get to the gym. These at home workouts are excellent and can be down quickly in the comfort of your home with no need to go the gym! I like to do mine right before I shower, it just very convenient. If you are consistent and you do this 3x everyday you will have much stronger abs within 30 days guaranteed! 

Additional 2 Week Daily Workout Challenge To Get You In Shape!

I find that this routine is a very well rounded routine and has help me stay fit. Of course, it's about a balance between a healthy diet and good exercise. I found that I was over eating after taking the training "3 Week Diet". I found that I was eating healthy food but my portions were too large. Once I learned to control this, I started to see the results that I wanted. Remember that both diet and exercise are equally important in achieving your goals, and if you want it you can achieve it! If you are looking to gain more weight and muscle then be sure to add a good Protein Powder to your daily diet to ensure your muscles have enough protein to promote healthy growth! 

Day 1 

Complete five rounds on your first day.

Push-ups (either conventional or with a Perfect Pushup if you have one) (10 reps)
Bodyweight squats (20 reps)
Forward lunges—each leg (5 reps)
Plank—side plank (each side) and traditional plank (30 seconds each)

I find it very helpful to use a Muscle Roller at the end of each day before I go to sleep. This helps to massage the muscles and release the lactic acid which causes us to be so sore the following day. It also feels really good and helps speed up recovery time! 

Day 2

8 to 10 minutes of an easy jog and dynamic movements: High-knees, Butt-kicks, Bounding, and Reverse Run.
Run at least 30 minutes. Use a walk/jog method if needed. Jog until you need a break, then walk as needed, and repeat for 30 minutes.
Try to increase your mileage over time. Don't push too far, too fast.

Goal: We want to work up to being able to run 6 miles in one day, I know that seems like a lot but if you are consistent, you will be able to do it, trust me! For now, try to run 30 minutes, don't worry about how long it takes, just try to make it! 

Cool down: Do an easy jog or walk for 10 minutes and then stretch.

Tip: Have a stretching routine prior to any run or workout to prevent injury.

Day 3 
Complete five rounds.

Bodyweight squat (20 reps)
Leg raise (20 reps)
Lateral lunge (10 reps each leg)
Plank hold (30 seconds)
Rest for 30 seconds and start again.

Note: Doing intense workouts like this can really leave the muscles tight later in the day or the next day. Getting a professional massage or even having a significant other massage soar muscles will help recovering and make you much more comfortable.

Day 4

Complete four rounds.

Note: Do as many repetitions as you can during these times, dig deep and push for those 2-3 extra reps, it really makes a difference!

Push-ups (60 seconds)
Side plank—right (30 seconds)
Side plank—left (30 seconds)
Incline push-ups (30 seconds)
Decline push-ups (30 seconds)
Rest for 60 seconds and start again.

Do this 4 day rotation, every time you complete a day of doing it you will get slightly stronger and faster at completing it. I suggest having a high protein diet to help your muscles recover as quick as possible. Remember to commit to consistency! If you do it every day, results WILL come! Good luck!

This routine coupled with a healthy diet will really help to achieve weight loss!

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